Salary Calculator

Calculate Your Salary After Tax

This salary calculator enables you to calculate your net take home pay in Australia. You can also use this calculator to work out how much more money you’ll take home after a pay-rise or determine how much income tax you should be paying. is mobile and desktop friendly too!

It uses the latest 2018-2019 Australian government tax data and also includes a variable superannuation. To work out how much you will earn in a previous financial year select ‘2017-2018’ tab in the results table.

How is my Salary Calculated?

This tool uses the latest calculations from the ATO website. The ATO does provide more detailed information however it can in some ways be difficult to find, furthermore some of the calculators are difficult to use. This calculator also conforms to the latest 2018/2019 Australian Tax Office's Pay As You Go (PAYG) schedules.

What this salary calculator can tell you?

The main reason this calculator was designed is so that you can calculate the following easily:

  1. Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly & Annual take-home pay
  2. Superannuation contributions (based on compulsory and optional contributions)
  3. Medicare & flood levies
  4. Calculate how much more you’ll get paid after a pay rise
  5. How much superannuation your company is paying you
  6. Estimate the maximum tax you can claim back in a tax return

Can I take this information?

We’ve designed this calculator to be ‘copy and paste’ friendly. Feel free to use this information commercially or on your website. But don't just copy the source from our website as calculator won't work. Get the code via this salary calculator link.

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